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January 17th, 2010

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Credit points deduction for international representation changed

In this post, SAGA members were given the opportunity to contribute to a discussion on changing the deduction formula applied to the credit points of international representatives. At the SAGA council meeting held on 13 January, a modified formula was passed. In principle, the same changes proposed in the original post were passed. However, the formulas presented in the original post.

For clarity, the original deduction was:
1000 [n+2-(T-P)/(T-1)].

This deduction formula has been altered, as of 2010, to:
1000 [n+(2p/100)-(T -P)/(T-1)],
where the new variable p is a factor representing the portion of the total cost being covered by sponsors (p=100 representing all costs covered, and p=0 representing no costs covered).

The value of p is, of course, subjective, and is to be set by the council – this task will usually be handled by the member with the tournament portfolio. When players are contacted about possible participation, the council will endeavour to provide as much information as they reasonably can on the value of p.

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