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January 13th, 2010

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Credit points at end of 2009

The tentative final credit point list for 2009 is now available here. Please take a look at your record sheet, and let me know if there are any issues with the calculations. [If this is your first time: download the zip file, and unzip it. The text file contains a list of people and their balances – the recordsheets folder contains one file for each person with details of their calculation].

There was a mistake with the previous preliminary list issued in mid-December, where too many points for internet tournaments were awarded. This has been corrected.

Players have until 27 January (i.e. 2 weeks from today) to report errors, otherwise this list will be treated as final.

With the current situation, which should not be affected substantially, international tournaments should be offered in turn to Ben Gale, Welile Gogotshe (*), Konrad Scheffler, and then Steve Kroon.

*: Welile Gogotshe will be treated as if he is second on the list, regardless of his actual position, based on an earlier council decision to compensate for errors in previous years’ credit points calculations.

28 January 2010 Update: No objections to this list were received, so this list will be treated as final.

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