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November 24th, 2009

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Fish Hoek Open 2009

The Fish Hoek Open was held this Sunday at the house of Sanae Sawada, in honour of Susumu Sawada, 5dan, visiting from Japan. The tournament was a huge success with 15 players packing the playing area to the brim. It was especially nice to see some new players joining the fun. Thanks are due to Sanae for hosting us and providing a fantastic lunch of sushi and sandwiches.

When the dust had settled after three rounds, the following prizes were awarded:

Below the bar, Alex du Plessis (3/3), Rory Shea (3/3) and Michael Ben-Yosef (2/2 and one bye) won all of their games.

Above the bar (set at 1 kyu), the top finishers were: Sam Scott (3rd with 2 wins), Susumu Sawada (2nd with 2 wins, edging Sam out on tiebreak by a single SOS point, but having also beaten him in their individual game), and Konrad Scheffler (1st with 3 wins, after winning the third round decider against Sawada-san by 2.5 points).

Detailed results are available here (note: these results are missing the 3rd round game between Duard Steenkamp and Rory Shea, which Rory won at 3 stones handicap).

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  1. Steve says:

    Congratulations to Paul Steyn, who was promoted to 8k, as well as Rory Shea and Michael Ben-Yosef, who both earned double promotions – to 16k and 15k respectively.

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