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November 21st, 2009

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Proposed constitution change

SAGA is a member of the International Go Federation. Among the benefits of being a member of the IGF is that SAGA can send representatives to the World Amateur Go Championship, the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup, the World Mind Sports Games, and sometimes the World Amateur Pair-Go Championships.

The IGF has recently adopted anti-doping regulations for Go, and requires its member organizations to modify their constitutions to indicate that they will comply with these regulations. If you’re interested in participating in or following the discussions regarding the constitutional changes required, please let me know by 28 November. The discussion will then be continued elsewhere, so as not to spam the SAGA mailing list.

By the way, regardless of what constitutional changes are decided on, they will still have to be proposed and voted on at a SAGA Annual General Meeting – the next meeting is likely to be held with the 2nd quarter internet tournament in April 2010.

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