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November 21st, 2009

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Generalizing the credit points deduction formula for international representation

In the past, SAGA has been fortunate enough to be invited to send representatives to the annual World Amateur Go Championship and Korean Prime Minister’s Cup. These representatives have typically had almost all of their costs, including their flight and accommodation, paid for by various sponsors.

However, due to withdrawal of sponsors, these costs may not be covered for our representatives in future, or may only be partially covered.

Our current system for selecting representatives for these tournaments is the credit points system, where credit points are earned for local participation in Go, and success in local tournaments. The players with the most credit points are then selected as representatives, and are docked a number of points in order to give more players a chance to represent South Africa. This deduction is based on (a) the number of previous representations; and (b) the performance of the player at the tournament.

The SAGA council intends to modify the deduction formula to take into account representation where costs are not fully sponsored by the hosts, so that the participant has to fund his own trip, or find his own sponsor. Making the full deduction in such cases seems unfair.

The current deduction formula is:

Deduction = 1000(n + 2) x [1 – 2(T -P)/3T]

n = number of times representing South Africa
T = Total number of participants at the tournament
P = Placing at the tournment

The current, “first-draft” proposal is a generalization of this formula, which deducts the same amount in the case of fully sponsored tournaments, but less for partially sponsored/unsponsored tournaments:
New Deduction = 1000(n + 2p/100) x [1 – 2(T -P)/3T]

n, T, and P are as before, and
p = percentage of costs paid/sponsored by hosts

If you are interested in participating in or following the discussion regarding the new deduction formula, please email Steve Kroon ( by 28/11.

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