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November 11th, 2009

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Andrew Davies is the 2009 Cape Town Blitz Champion

The Cape Town club held its annual blitz tournament at the Touch of Madness restaurant on the 10th of November 2009. The tournament attracted a relatively large field this year, as we were graced with the presence of a number of Stellenbosch players who braved the distinctly unseasonal elements to make the long drive to Observatory.

Given the nature of the tournament (12 minutes absolute time), the tournament was, as usual, a rather frantic affair compared to the more sedate nature of typical club evenings, and there were a number of unusual strategies to be found, such as “keep things complicated and rely on a win on time” or “keep things complicated and win the fight” (OK, that latter is perhaps not so unusual).

There were also a number of slightly contentious victories, with one player being accused of a “sleeve tesuji” (moving stones accidentally or otherwise with their clothing), and one game where both clocks had fallen with neither player realizing it (in that case the victory was awarded to the player who noticed it first). Fortunately, given the friendly nature of the tournament, everything was accepted in good humour.

In the end, after the scheduled five rounds, there were two players on four wins, and it was decided to hold a playoff round to determine an absolute winner. In the end, Andrew Davies prevailed over Steve Kroon (twice in a row, in fact) to secure the title. Chris Welsh came third, also on four wins, and there were four players in joint fourth on 3.5 (the half points coming from byes). Konrad Scheffler won the “Most Sporting Player” award, after electing not to press for a victory on time despite his opponent only having 3 seconds left on his clock – the nature of the time rules means that it is quite easy to ensure a victory if your opponent only has a few seconds left on the clock by making a succession of unreasonable invasions to force the opponent to respond.

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