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February 21st, 2009

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Spam accounts deleted

Due to increasing traffic of accounts being created on the blog by various bots, it has become necessary for me to cleanse the user database of suspected “fake” accounts as far as possible. So, if your username was one of the following, and you are a real visitor on the blog, please accept my sincerest apologies and my invitation to re-register on the site:

adamsomi, Alinaaa, AlisaSU, Antoiosi, anypetaipse, aoicaelum, Arabela, Archies, bApemaype, Belindax, Bellinn, Bellodona, CardsBigLover, casino, DerbaMurei,Drew_Kerr, emmmi, Fathtumehicut, Girmineta, Grendlina, iribskola, Janettta, Janetttt, Jonnyromirucs, Joorgeta, Ligitas, Lovelita, Marijanw, Massikussya, Oorinta, Pauullina, ralyjones25, Renata, Renija, reuslyspura, Riminela, ripeAces, Roomma, Ruilddogehigo, Tampinotick, Teerena, unrereone, Vilmana, Zulinera.

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