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October 7th, 2008

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WMSG Update – 7 October 2008

Victor Chow and Chris Visser have both lost their 3rd round games. Victor lost to Dmytro Bogatskyy (6d) from Ukraine, while Chris lost to Pei Zhao (5d) from Germany. It will be very difficult for Victor to recover from this setback. His game can be seen here.

In other news, the women’s individual event preliminary stage was completed. With only five rounds, there were even more high-profile SOS casualties, including prominent players like Rui Naiwei.

Correction: The women’s event has seven rounds, not five. Rui Naiwei, currently third in her group, plays Jing-Yi Wang, currently in second place. The winner of that game will go through.

Update: Victor won his 4th round game, beating Merlijn Kuin (6d). This is a good result, however, Victor still has a lot to do in order end as one of the top two players. By losing a game he will now almost certainly be in a SOS lottery, even if he is able to win his remaining games. Chris Visser had a great result in the 4th round, beating Luis Cajiao (2d).

Update. The draw for tomorrow’s game is out. Chris Visser has the dubious pleasure of playing the famous Argentinean, Fernando Aguilar 6d (who is having a poor tournament), while Victor plays Kevin Chen 7d of Australia. If Victor can succeed in this game, he’ll probably feel he still has a fighting chance of making the next stage, but if he loses, that will be that. Actually, that really applies to all his remaining four games – any further losses and the tournament is effectively over for him.

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