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October 6th, 2008

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WMSG Update

Ben Gale and Paul Edwards have completed their tournament. They participated in the Men’s Individual event, which is open to professional players as well as professional players. Ben won 2 of his 6 games (beating two 1d players, and losing to a 6d  and three 5d players).  Paul’s group is incomplete at this moment, so far he has won 2 of his 5 games (beating two 4k players, and losing to a 4d, a 5d and 6d player)

Victor Chow is participating in the Open event, which is not open to professional players, and is very similar to the World Amateur Go Championship held every year. Victor is seeded 6th in this tournament. So far he has played two rounds, and won both his matches. His first opponent was Christovao Neto of Portugal (who, coincidentally, was Konrad’s first round opponent at the 2008 WAGC) and his second opponent was Fredrik Blomback of Sweden. Fredrik is a very strong 4d player who would have been well capable of upsetting Victor (he performed extremely well at the 2008 European Go Championships).

In the open event there are seven rounds, after which the top two players in each of the four groups go forward into a knockout phase. On paper Victor should be favoured to be one of the top two in his group, but there are some very strong players there, such as Yongfei Ge (7d) of Canada, Merlijn Kuin (6d) of the Netherlands and Jie Lin Xia (5d) of North Korea to name just a few. Victor’s progress can be watched here

A picture of the event in full swing can be seen here

Update: Chris Visser is also competing in the open event, so far he has beaten a fellow 1d player, and lost to a 5d player.

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2 Responses to “WMSG Update”

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the link, Chris.

    Good news for Victor is that the Canadian rep was beaten by a 4d, Bernd Radmacher.

  2. Steve says:

    Another update: Paul lost his final round game to a 1-kyu from Hungary (who also beat a 2-dan earlier in the tournament).

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