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September 29th, 2008

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Pretoria Open 2008 blitz

Hi everyone,

The Pretoria Open this past weekend was a fun tournament – held in the usual club venue, the Java Cafe in Lynnwood drive. Before the tournament a couple of exhibition games were played between Victor Chow and Hoon Shim, two of the strongest players in the country, which drew quite a crowd and revved up the fighting spirit of the spectators.

The tournament itself started in earnest soon after, and was held in the format of a 9 round, round-robin handicap blitz tournament. Each player received 10 minutes absolute time a side, and many games went down to the wire with lots of frantic reading and clock slapping. Two players ended the day on 8 wins out of 9, Andre Connell and Hoon Shim, with Andre winning a tight game between them on time, and hence being declared the winner. John Leuner finished third on 7 out of 9, engineering a fighting win by killing a huge group of Andre’s while behind, but losing to Hoon and also Gerrit Kapp to spoil his chances of a 3-way draw for first.

The tournament was a lot of fun, and a big success. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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