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August 5th, 2008

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The Stellenbosch Go Club will be hosting the 2008 Stellenbosch Open Go Tournament.
It is intended to be a qualifying tournament for the 2009 South African Candidates’ Tournament. Players of all level are welcome.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Preliminary programme:
08h45-09h30 : Registration
09h45 : Round 1 Start
11h45 : Round 2 Start
13h30 : Lunch
14h30 : Round 3 Start
16h45 : Prizegiving

Venue :
Mathematics Department (van der Sterr Building), University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch

Fees :
The registration fee is R10 for SAGA members or players who join SAGA for 2008 at the tournament, and R20 for other players. Players are requested to register in advance. Email your name, club and the rank at which you wish to enter to Rory Beling ( A late entry fee of R10 will be charged for players registering on the day of the tournament.

The tournament is open to all players. You will be able pay your SAGA membership fee for 2008 at the tournament, if you wish.

Format :
The tournament will be a 3 round MacMahon tournament, with the bar set at an appropriate level. The time limit will be 30 minutes main time and then Canadian byoyomi 25 stones in 8 minutes, which equates to about 19 seconds per move.

Tournament director :
Rory Beling – email:
phone: (Cell) 0844091882

Prizes :
The winner of the tournament will be named the 2008 Stellenbosch Go Champion, and will receive a voucher financed by the registration fees.

Accomodation :
Any players travelling in for the tournament who need accommodation can contact Florian Breuer or Steve Kroon ( – the Stellenbosch Go club would be pleased to try to find you a host.

Players registered so far :
Rory Beling 3k
Chris Welsh 3k
Andrew Davies 1D
Konrad Scheffler 2D
Jonathan Jones 6k
Zhao Rongchun 3k
Riaan Swart 6k
Paul Steyn 18k
Ashley Ross 17k
Lloyd Rubidge 2k
Trevor Hill 13k
Jens Deus 2D

If you are taking part in the tournament, and you have a set (or two), or a clock, please bring them along. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Announcement”

  1. Andre says:

    Just a note on time limits and tournament format: if you are going to be playing 30 plus 25/8, then you can strongly consider holding 4 rounds rather than 3. It will also then be easier to rank players, seeing as 3 rounds often leave unresolved ties, which need tie-breakers like SODOS or SOSOS. For the number of players I’d expect to participate, 3 rounds should be enough to get a lone winner, but 4 rounds is nice if possible.

    We played 4 rounds at the Jhb Open 2008 without any problems, and we had the prizegiving on time at 6pm.

  2. Andre says:

    Thought of something different too. Why would we want to have 25/8 byo-yomi? I know 25/8 gives roughly the same seconds per stone as 15/5 (19.2 vs 20s per move average) and I’m guessing the reason we go for 25/8 is because the mechanical clocks can be inaccurate. Why not rather go with 30/10 then? 25/8 will surely be trickier to set the clock to than 30/10.

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