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July 30th, 2008

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Proposed Ad-Hoc promotion

After games and consultations yesterday at the Pretoria Go club, I’m proposing that Anton van Niekerk be ad-hoc promoted to 8kyu. Anton was entered onto the ranking system at 15kyu in 2007, but since then has improved a lot and has had very few of his games entered onto the system. Supporting this promotion is John Leuner. If there are any comments or queries about the promotion, please let me know soon by either replying to this post, or contacting me directly.


Posted by Andre in Pretoria, Rank Changes


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2 Responses to “Proposed Ad-Hoc promotion”

  1. Steve says:

    I’ve contacted Andre, John and Gordon with respect to this change, and intend implementing the change as soon as possible, since no-one seems to have objected.

  2. Steve says:

    Anton’s record sheet has been updated.

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