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May 31st, 2008

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That’s all folks

A poor finish to the tournament for me – I managed to mess up a comfortable win with some extraordinarily bad moves in the early endgame against Madagascar. That tumbled me down the table, and I got paired with the second last seed from Costa Rica. However, he missed the round (came to apologise with a present of some Costa Rican coffee), so I got a free teaching game against Mr Kubo 9-dan pro (Aketa-sensei’s sensei). At least the teaching game went well (3 stones in Japanese teaching style; he mostly played proper moves rather than trying hard to beat me, and he stopped the game once we had played the large endgame moves – at which point I was apparently still ahead by a small margin).

Final result: 3 wins out of 8 – could be worse I guess, but I’d have preferred to have earned my 3 wins against stronger opponents. I finished 49th out of 68, having been seeded 43rd. All in all an amazing experience.

ps: A heads up – I met a Japanese 6-dan amateur (absolutely crushed me in a friendly even game – I think he’s about Aketa’s strength) who wants to visit Cape Town for a month next year. I’m sure we’ll be able to give him a good reception. More when I get back to Cape Town…

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