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May 30th, 2008

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Rounds 5+6

Wins are hard to come by. I overslept this morning and arrived 20 minutes late – a close shave given that you forfeit after 30 minutes and you get penalised by three times the number of minutes late. But my opponent was quite weak and I won by 45 points. An exhausting game though – starting with only 30 minutes on the clock I spent most of the game in byo yomi.

Round 6 was a long, tough game against a 4 dan from Poland. He played his second move (as white) at tengen and made a 100 point central moyo, giving me a similar amount of (almost) territory. This led to a difficult game of invading and counterinvading, the key thing being to count and try to judge how the balance of territory is shifting. It seemed to swing to and fro a bit, but in the end my yose was too weak – after a particularly stupid gote move I found myself 20 points behind and had to resign.

Round 7 will be against the shodan from Madagascar – I _should_ be able to win that one. (In a tournament like this with so many strong players you start thinking of shodans as easy picking – I’ll have to concentrate on not being overconfident…)

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2 Responses to “Rounds 5+6”

  1. Chris says:

    Is that weary looking person in the red shirt, watching the counting, our intrepid representative, perchance?

  2. konrad says:

    Indeed. Sorry I didn’t exactly do well enough for them to show a picture of me actually playing…

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