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March 26th, 2008

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Alex Dinerchtein comments on Gale vs Chow

Alexander Dinerchtein kindly commented on the 2008 Oza game between Ben Gale and Victor Chow. This was a mirror go game and thus quite hard to comment (I think)

The game can be found here

Alex invited interested players to try out his web page that helps you determine your style (aggressive, passive, balanced, etc) – the page can be found here

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March 18th, 2008

Go students graduate

Well, it’s graduation time at Stellenbosch University, and congratulations to all the students who got degrees. Hopefully those heading off to new places won’t stop playing go, but will take it with them.

Past and present SA Go players we know of who are getting degrees this month at Stellenbosch are: Richard Clark (HonsBSc); Willie Krige (MScIng Cum Laude); Steve Kroon (PhD); David Richfield (MSc); and Hugo van der Merwe (BIng Cum Laude and MScIng).

Hope I haven’t missed anyone.

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March 17th, 2008

Results of 1’st Quarter Internet tournament 2008

The first quarter internet tournament of 2008 was held on Saturday the 15’th of March, with an increase in participation over the 4’th quarter tournament in 2007. Twelve players participated, with results as follows:

1st – Victor Chow
2’nd to 4’th – Steve Kroon, Andrew Davies, Chris Visser
5’th to 7’th – Konrad Scheffler, Andre Connell, Lloyd Rubidge
8’th – Rory Beling
9’th – Chris Welsh
10’th to 12’th – Jonathan Jones, Florian Breuer, James Gelant

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