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January 16th, 2008

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Konrad Scheffler – 2 dan

Congratulations to Konrad Scheffler, who has finally and deservedly attained 2dan on the South African ranking system. In the decisive game, Konrad had the misfortune and pressure of knowing that a win would give him the necessary index points, but fortunately, his opponent (Mannfred Kimmel, 5k) was not aware of this fact. The game was extremely close and Konrad came within a whisker of losing on time more than once. Ultimately Konrad prevailed in the tense battle by 6.5 points and was duly promoted.

When asked about why his promotion to to 2dan had taken so long, and the relatively swift promotion after his extended break from go while in the USA in 2007, Konrad replied that the arrival of Aketa-sensei had helped everyone tremendously, but the kyu players in particular, and that it took a long time for the ranking system to reflect their actual development. This may have thus had a delaying effect in the promotion of the highest ranked players. Fortunately, it seems that with the recent promotion of Andrew Davies to 1dan, and now Konrad’s promotion, the situation is being resolved. Regarding his good form after his return from the USA, Konrad replied that he already had a reasonably high index before leaving for the USA (about 800, in fact), and that once he had gotten the rustiness out of his system, he had been confident that he would be able to attain the 2dan target reasonably quickly, and so it proved.

When Konrad was asked whether he could never go back to 1dan, Konrad replied that in the not so distant past he had been demoted to 1k. This was in the 2005 SA contenders, when he lost in the first round to Welile Gogotshe (1d). Ironically, Konrad actually had a very good tournament, which included victories over Ben Gale (3d) and two other 1d players. Shortly after the tournament Konrad again beat Ben Gale and was promoted back to 1dan, spending about a month as a 1kyu.

Posted by Chris Welsh in Cape Town, Rank Changes, Western Cape

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One Response to “Konrad Scheffler – 2 dan”

  1. Rory says:

    Congrats Konrad, nice to see the ranking system catch up. Plus now we have a 2dan in the Western Cape woohoo 🙂

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