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May 29th, 2007

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Go, Victor, Go!!!

I am pleased to report that Victor has defeated the American representative, Andy Liu to move up to 19th position. To give an indication of the poor tie-break situation Victor is contending with, we can note that despite him and Andy now each having one loss, Andy is placed fifth in the tournament because his early opponents have been strong. Since his loss was later in the tournament, it is likely he will never be paired against more players in the bottom half of the draw.

None of the elite Western nations achieved a win in the previous round, and the tourney is now topped by China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. China and Taiwan square off in the next round, as do Korea and Japan.

Victor’s next opponent is the 6-dan Czech, Ondrej Silt, a former insei. We wish him luck.

Further, there is good news for Morocco: Hatime Araki pulled off one of two minor upsets in the fourth round, with a win over the Norwegian 2-dan, Oeystein Vestgaarden. Morocco is now placed 47th, but Madagascar suffered a fourth round loss and is now placed 58th.

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