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May 28th, 2007

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WAGC update

While it’s not at all clear what the conditions surrounding Victor Chow’s first round loss to Swedish 3-dan, Erik Ouchterlony, were, we are pleased to report that Victor has a second round victory to his name now. Victor’s second round opponent was a shodan from Bosnia. Normally, both players should be walkovers for a player of Victor’s skill, but with speculation about his first round loss, the outcome of the second round was eagerly awaited.

Meanwhile, the Swedish representative lost to the Czech representative, former insei Ondrej Silt, who is now placed in tied 1st, along with Argentinian Fernando Aguilar.

Victor is currently placed 49th in a field of 68. If Victor performs extremely well from here on in, a 6 of 8 will probably place him in the top 10. However, even if he wins all his games, his first round loss against a relatively weak player (by top WAGC standards) will almost inevitably prevent a tournament win on SOS tiebreak – if there isn’t a player who scores straight wins. So far, Victor is the only player among the top 16 seeds to have suffered an upset – Victor was seeded 7th, behind Fernando Aguilar, Cristian Pop, and the four nations with active pro circuits.

PS: If anyone has info on Victor’s first-round loss, or links to game records, I’d appreciate anything I can get at this stage.

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2 Responses to “WAGC update”

  1. Steve says:

    Victor won his second round game by resignation in quite a blitzkrieg.

    You can check out his second round game, and some other selected games by visiting the tournament’s kifu page. If you the kifu viewer doesn’t work in your browser, you can extract the path to the game files from the URLs.

  2. Reinhardt says:

    According to the AGA news page Victor lost by half a point.

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