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May 24th, 2007

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SA Closed championships 2007

The following players have qualified to play in the SA closed 2007. They should please contact me to let me know if they are available to play in the candidates/contenders, where applicable.

The players seeded to play in the Contenders are:
Victor Chow,
Ben Gale,
Cheng Lai,
Konrad Scheffler.

The players seeded to play in the 2nd day of the Candidates are:
Welile Gogotshe,
Sipho Mampe,
Julius Paulu,
Paul Edwards.

The players seeded to play in the 1st day of the Candidates are:
Andrew Davies,
Andre Connell,
Steve Kroon,
Reinhardt Messerschmidt,
Bernard Broens,
Rory Beling,
Lloyd Rubidge,
Tristen Taylor.

Should any of the above players not be able to play, everyone below that player will shift up one space in the list, and the reserves chosen will be in order:
Guillaume Binet,
Charl du Plessis,
Florian Breuer,
Chris Welsh,
Hugo van der Merwe,
Sakkie Buys,
James Gelant,
Andries Kruger.

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