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May 7th, 2007

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The Magic Principle to Improve, Lesson 2

The Magic Principle to Improve part 2

Translated by Aki & Victor

Subject Diagram 1

This is a 4-stone handicap game.

After being attacked by black 22,24, white play 25. Now black has a tesuji. If white 25 played A, black would play B. White has been cut off.

Diagram 1: Normal moves

At Subject Diagram 1, because of white N, even black 14, 16 have built a influence, it was ineffective. Black 14 should have played 1 to build a root, follow by 3 which is a big point. Otherwise, depends on different playing style, you can play A to attack white right group, or play B to attack 2 white stones.

Diagram 2: other advantageous moves

At subject 1, black 1 is another good move instead of black 22. After white 2, black playing wedging is very important. Until 9, whitegroup is weak because of leaving two cutting points. At this moment, if white play 10 to count attacking black, black would be safe by playing diagonal toward centre.

diagram 3: tesuji

About white 25 at subject 1, black 1 double hane is tesuji. If white 2 pulling back, black 3 atari is the sequence. Until 5, black 1 and white 2 exchanging got big profit. White shape becomes an empty triangle.

diagram 4: black got a good result

White rather play 2, 4 for this diagram than diagram 3. Black still has a strong Atari at 5, with this move black gains control of centre. The white stone at N becomes inefficient.

diagram 5: black is sufficient

White 2 can hane without atari at diagram 4, black 3 atari is still a snug move. Black 5 is important as this move completed black thickness in centre.

diagram 6: dubious strategy

Cutting off the white connection might be considered by many players, but this is a dubious strategy as white has invasion at B and big endgame move at A. Worst of all, after white jump into centre with 4, black can no long establish central thickness.

(black 9=A) diagram 7: actual game continuation

This is the actual game continuation. Black 5,7 overplay here as white gains thickness with 10, and black’s corner is insecure.

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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for another great article, Victor and Aki.

    David, thanks for your effort preparing it for and putting it on the website.

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