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February 7th, 2007

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Oza Complaint

Dear All,

Those who subscribe to the SAGAcouncil mailing list or read the minutes of SAGA council meetings will be aware that we (SAGA) are in the process of writing a letter to be sent to the Nihon Ki-in after soliciting signatories from the national go associations of countries in Africa, Oceania and “rest of Asia”. The purpose of this is to voice discontent with the qualification system, which is seen as unfair to Africa, Oceania and rest-of-Asia. The process was initiated at the request of Victor Chow (3-time African representative, who has been asking SAGA to support his complaint for several years now). We (the SAGA council) agree with Victor’s point of view and it is our understanding that his concerns are shared by Guo Yiming (3-time Oceanian representative). Draft letters (to the representatives of national associations and to the Nihon Ki-in) have been made available on the SAGAcouncil mailing list (to which any SAGA member may subscribe, after which you should be able to find them in the list archives, along with accompanying discussion – search for the titles “Oza complaint” and “The Nihon Ki-in’s ability to understand English”) and we have received favourable feedback on the drafts from Aketa Katsuyuki. The text of the drafts is also available here.

However, SAGA consists not only of the council but all of its members. Jaco Swanepoel has raised concerns and requested that the matter be discussed in a more public and visible forum, hence the post here. As always, we welcome feedback – leaving a comment to this post is one way to do that.


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