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November 15th, 2006

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Site down, but back up now

Hi folks.

After quite a hiatus, the main website is back up, as you can see. It’s been down for a while after the server hosting the site was hacked. Luckily there were some recent backups. We may have
lost a comment or two, but otherwise everything else seems
to have been recoverable.

For registered users, and post authors, the “back room” of
the site is a little more snazzy with the upgrade to the new
version (WordPress 2). There are some more features and
bells and whistles, and some other changes for which I’m not
sure who will be affected how – so if you have trouble,
please shout.

The wiki is due for an upgrade next, and then the gallery,
although they both seem to be working on the old version at
the moment. Unfortunately, there are some security problems
with getting the ranking system back going, but we’re
working on that.

Other news:

* I gather Chris Visser and Liesl Gini are representing SA at the
international pair go champs starting Saturday. Good luck
to both of you, and keep us informed.

*The Fourth Quarter Internet tournament is next weekend.
E-mail Andre to register.

*Cape Town’s having a Blitz tournament next Tuesday.
Contact person is Chris Welsh.

*Leander has sent me a report on the Korean Prime Minister’s
Cup, and has promised a followup if the reaction to the
first report is favourable. I should put it up on the site
in the next few days, so leave your comments if you want a followup after

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