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November 13th, 2006

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SA Internet 4th Quarter 2006

Registrations are now open (as per the email to the mailing lists) for the 4th quarter 2006 Internet tournament which will be held on the 25th of November. Registration is free to all SAGA members, send aconnell (at) cinet (d0t) co (dot) za an email if you wish to participate. Registrations close on the 24th of November, and late registrations will be entered in the back of the draw.

The same rules will be followed as for the three previous internet tournaments this year.


Posted by Andre in SAGA, Tournaments

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One Response to “SA Internet 4th Quarter 2006”

  1. konrad says:

    With one tournament to go, the players still (theoretically) in the running for the title of South African Internet Champion are:
    Ben Gale 6 (from 3 events), Julius Paulu 5 (from 3 events), Clive Hunt 4 (from 2 events), Chris Visser 4 (from 2 events), Victor Chow 3 (from 1 event), Aki Zhou 3 (from 1 event), Konrad Scheffler 3 (from 3 events). So if Ben plays, it looks like Julius is the only one with a realistic chance of catching him.

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