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October 22nd, 2006

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WAGC points update

Here is the latest WAGC points update, including games logged on the system by 2006-10-15:

For more information on what this is about and how it works, go here.

Victor Chow’s 2003 opening balance of 4638 had accumulated to

[[4638 * 0.8 + 700] * 0.8 + 600] * 0.8 + 2480 = 5782

by the end of 2005. This was adjusted to

[[4638 * 1.0 + 700] * 0.8 + 600] * 0.8 + 2480 = 6376

at the start of 2006, in accordance with this SAGA Council decision.

I couldn’t find the results of the following 3rd Quarter Internet Tournament games, so I provisionally assigned losses to all 4 players:

Andrew Davies vs Andre Connell
Jaco Swanepoel vs Rory Beling

Please let me know if this or anything else is incorrect.

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