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September 27th, 2006

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KZN Tourney brings rating system to over 200 players

These 8 players took part in a mini-tournament held in the Westville Library over the long weekend. The tournament was arranged by Peter Charter, and seems to have been quite a success, with plans for followup tournaments and perhaps later a Kwazulu-Natal Open.

Francis Parker won the tournament with 3 wins, followed by Ethan, Paul and Peter on 2 wins. It was a kind of Swiss tournament: initial ranks were estimated, and then adjusted up and down a stone after each match, depending on the results.

The results were used to estimate ranks for the players on the national rating system, where they have now been added. This addition marks a milestone for the rating system, which now ranks over 200 players.

As a result, we welcome Francis (7k), Ethan (17k), Paul (15k), Julian (19k), Zane (18k), Kyle (20k), and Duncan (21k) to the national rating system, and congratulate Ethan and Kyle, who have also been promoted to 16k and 19k respectively.

Details should appear on a tournament page shortly.

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