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August 28th, 2006

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Pair go results

The 2006 South African Pair Go Championship was held on Sunday 27 August.
There were three pairs of entrants: Christina Auret and Steve Kroon
(plaing from Stellenbosch); Carle Joubert and Ben Gale (playing from
Johannesburg); and Liesl Gini and Chris Visser (playing from Guilin,
China). The tournament was played over the internet, and held as a
knockout event with the pair with the highest average rank (Carle and Ben)
seeded through into the second round.

Round one saw Liesl and Chris beating Christina and Steve by resignation.
They then repeated their feat by beating Carle and Ben by a large margin
in the final. Congratulations therefore to Liesl Gini and Chris Visser,
who qualify to represent South Africa in the world championships!

Keep your eyes on the website where some pictures should be available

Update by Steve: The games of the tournament are available in this zip file. And a correction: as Chris pointed out on the SAGA mailing list, he and Liesl won their second game on time. Pictures not up yet, but hopefully in time.

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  1. Steve says:

    I’ve added some pictures from our side of the tournament to the gallery. They are in the Tournament Galleries.

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