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August 2nd, 2006

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Studying Weiqi in China

I came across this interesting blog the other day, about some Westerners studying at a Go school for a couple of months in China. This is not part of any of the mass “Go in China” tours, though.

One of the things posted:

Ten Commandments of Weiqi
These ten “commandments” are posted on the wall of Yan Laoshi’s Weiqi Center.

1. Don’t be greedy.
2. Think before you decide: when you’d like to attack your enemy’s area or arrive at a new place, examine your surroundings first.
3. When you want to fight, you must protect yourself first.
4. If you want to run ahead fast, carry as little baggage as possible.
5. It’s wise to take the big while throwing away the small.
6. Suppose you’re in danger: your troops don’t have enough food or water and are very tired. At this time, you have to give up your wish to attack.
7. We should be very careful and not be so anxious (similar to 6).
8. As in philosophy, we should consider the static state (defense) and the dynamic state (attack).
9. If you’re facing a very strong opponent, remember to protect yourself.
10. If you are weak and alone, just settle down and live–don’t run around first.

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