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August 2nd, 2006

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Call for entries

Players can register for the Stellenbosch 3rd Quarter Handicap Tournament now by e-mailing Ben Bredenkamp. It is a Swiss tournament in which the pairings are chosen to minimize the maximum handicap each round.

The tournament will be held in the Stellenbosch University maths building on 19 August, and is open to all players. We hope to arrange clocks for the tournament, and expect the tournament to have 3 rounds. Details, such as the schedule, will hopefully follow on the tournament web-page, which is unfortunately still under construction. (Cape Town players, please note that one of the reasons for a shift to Saturdays is to allow you guys to participate as well).

The entry fee for the tournament is maximum R20, but the following cumulative discounts apply. R10 for SAGA members or players who join SAGA before the tournament; and R5 for Stellenbosch club members. So if you’re both, it’s only R5. And R5 from each entry fee will be used as prize money. (Note that SAGA charges R80/R35/R20 for normal/student/scholar membership for 2006, providing discounts on e.g. books, equipment, and tournaments for the rest of the year.)

The prize money will be split evenly between all players with the maximum number of wins in the tournament. The winner with the highest SOS (and SOSOS if needed) will be named the winner of the tournament, however.

Closing date for entries: 17 August 2006. Details subject to change.

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