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July 27th, 2006

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English Hikaru no Go anime episodes online

The English anime of the Hikaru no Go series (which helped revitalize Go in Japan amongst the youth) has started to be released on DVD in the last 7 months. The first 3 DVDs are available on Amazon for about $20 each, plus shipping.

For those of you with more modest budgets, but with Windows, and an ADSL internet connection, there seems to be another option. The folks from America’s “Cartoon Network” are releasing the episodes on one of their websites, “Toonami Jetstream”. So far, the first two episodes are available. But it seems each episode is only available for a certain amount of time.

To view the site, you need a new version of flash and Windows media player. The only supported browser is Internet Explorer. Another catch is that if you try to view the anime, it tells you it only shows it to browsers in America. Reports indicate that if you wait for about 5 minutes, you should get your anime in spite of this message…

Report your experiences with this site by leaving comments on this post for other people who want to try it out, please.

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