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July 24th, 2006

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Lessons in Ko

So I was observing games on (some of us don’t run Windows, so we have to find alternative venues to CyberOro for high-quality games), when I saw this game between two 8-dans.

Since I’m a non-paying visitor to the site (membership costs something like 5-10 dollars per year), I can just observe games. I can’t play, chat, or even save games. I created the sgf above by replaying the game in the KGS client, because I thought it was worthy educational material.

There are no comments, but there are 2 lessons in ko which weaker players can learn from this game, and which will drive home the point to slightly stronger kyu-players.

The first is: a seki can be a generous source of ko threats (for one or both players).

The second is: being one liberty behind in a big capturing race is a good source of ko threats, so if you are in this position, all hope is not lost. (Also: if you ignore a ko threat in this situation, you may make a loss, but you are again in the driving seat when it comes to ko threats.)

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