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July 18th, 2006

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Cyberoro Game Server

I’ve been investigating the Cyberoro game server recently. Overall I’ve been impressed. Despite some quirks, it is a great opportunity to play against some very strong players with a style quite different to what you typically encounter on KGS.

There are many, many players available, and its very easy to get a game. At any time, you are likely to be able to watch some of the world’s top amateurs playing, and many professional games are broadcast. The GUI is functional – not as good as KGS, but perfectly OK once you get used to it.

The players are largely from Korea, but many also from China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

Note that it is for Windows only, and you’ll have to install the Korean language pack to make it work (despite the interface being in English). You can register (for free) and download the client here

One final quirk is that it saves the game records in “ngf” format – fortunately a converter to sgf is available here. This a web-based converter, and does not appear to support Firefox (I could only get it working with IE)

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