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July 5th, 2006

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SAGA council meeting

For those interested in the administrative side of things, here are the hot-off-the-press draft minutes of tonight’s SAGA council meeting (to be put up in all the right places in due time, but hopefully not by me). Please note point 6: we are looking for a volunteer to help formulate and implement a policy regarding rating certificates.

Draft minutes for SAGA council meeting held on Wednesday 5 July 2006:

Present: Konrad Scheffler, Sakkie Buys, Reinhardt Messerschmidt, Andre Connell
Apologies: David Richfield, Julius Paulu, Chris Welsh

1.Acceptance of previous minutes: the draft minutes of the previous council meeting were accepted.

2. AGM: The annual general meeting has been scheduled to take place online in the South African Room of the Kiseido Go Server on 2 September, to take place during the lunch hour of the 3rd quarter internet tournament. Reinhard Messerschmidt’s term of office will expire, as will Andre Connell’s co-opted membership. Andre is available for election and has been nominated (nominated by Konrad Scheffler; seconded by Sakkie Buys). Reinhardt is not available for re-election.

3. Pair Go: South Africa has formally been invited to participate in the World Pair Go Championships to be held in November. The representatives for 2006 are to be selected via the planned pair go tournament. Konrad will check with Victor Chow whether he is still organising it.

4. Qualification system for the SA Candidates: It is felt that the current qualification system is unfair, as qualifiers are effectively selected on rating only. Andre and Konrad will liase to come up with a proposal.

5. Internet games: It was decided that games played between South Africans over the internet (under the existing criteria for counting towards the rating system) should count the same weight as ordinary games for rating and participation point purposes.

6. Rating certificates: The project to award rating certificates to SAGA members is currently stalled, awaiting a volunteer to run it. Any SAGA member is encouraged to volunteer for this.

7. Signatory to the bank account: Andre Connell has been approved as second signatory to the bank account.

8. Next meeting: The next SAGA Council meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday 3 October at 19h30 on MSN.

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