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May 31st, 2006

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Julius ends at #50

Unfortunately, Julius was not able to claim victory in his final game, meaning he ended up with 3 wins in 8 games and a final position of 50th out of 68 participants. Nevertheless, the only other South Africans to achieve more than 3 wins before are Ben Gale and Victor Chow, so this is still a good performance by Julius – congratulations!

Hiraoka Satoshi, who lost a game on time earlier in the tournament (because he expected the clock to beep before his time expired), managed to defeat the Chinese 13 year old Tang Wei Xing in the final round, thus claiming victory in the tournament by 1 point of SOS. This is Hiraoka’s second victory in the WAGC – his first was in 1994. Third place went to Cho T’ae-won of DPR Korea, while Korea’s Hong Man-ki claimed fourth. America’s 8-dan, Joey Hung, claimed the highest position by a non-Oriental country (6th), while 2-dan Ting Yu Yen of Singapore ended 18th.

The other African countries participating, Madagascar and Morocco, finished 61st and 62nd respectively.

2 of the 3 new countries at the tournament had comparable performances to Julius, with Cyprus’s Demetris Regginos ending 48th, and Aliaksandr Suponeu of Belarus placing 51st. Azerbaijan, the other newcomer, ended 66th, just ahead of Armenia and Panama.

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2 Responses to “Julius ends at #50”

  1. Steve says:

    In terms of under- and overperformers at the WAGC, I’ve mentioned Singapore’s 2-dan representative above – he is the only player below 4-dan in the top 25. At 26th, 2-dan Patrick Gruter from Switzerland, also performed well. Mention must also be made of Indonesia’s “1-kyu” representative Surya Tjahyadi Lim, who pulled off 4 wins to end 33rd.

    In terms of underperformance (or rather over-ranking), the most noticeable country is Venezuala, whose 3-dan Alexis Ricardo Hernandz Nunez ended 54th, after all the 2-dans in the tournament, as well as a number of 1-dans.

  2. Rory says:

    Well done Julius!!

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