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May 31st, 2006

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Another victory for Julius

Julius Paulu, South Africa’s representative at the 27th World Amateur Go Championships in Sasebo, Japan, claimed his 3rd win in the seventh round of the tournament this morning.

He defeated 1-dan Juan Pablo Schweitzer Kirsinger, the Chilean representative, to shift up to 48th position. So far, Julius, a 1-dan himself, has only been pitted against dan-level players, and has beaten all 3 of his 1-dan opponents. All of his other opponents have been 3-dan or stronger.

Julius’ opponent in the final round being held this afternoon is Cuba’s Antonio Fernandez Caballero. Antonio, a 3-dan, is taking part in his 3rd WAGC.

The 8 opponents Julius faced in the WAGC are thus the representatives from Ecuador (he won), Brazil, Austria, Luxembourg (he won), Croatia, New Zealand, Chile (he won), and Cuba (result pending).

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2 Responses to “Another victory for Julius”

  1. Steve says:

    As the unly undefeated player remaining in the tournament, WAGC victory and an 8-dan diploma from the Nihon Ki-in are Tang Wei Xing’s to lose. Tang, China’s representative, is a 13-year-old student from Beijing. In the last round, he faces Hiraoka Satoshi, who may win the tournament if he claims victory. Hiraoka has entered the tournament twice before, achieving victory once, and coming second the other time (he’s a 35-year old office worker).

    Other people who may still be in the running for the title (if they win their last games, and Tang loses his) are: Cho T’ae-won of Korea, Hong Man-ki of D.P.R. Korea, and Chan Nai San of Chinese Hong Kong.

  2. Steve says:

    By the way, Tang Weixing has won the Wanbao Cup, the top Chinese amateur tournament, the past two years, as well as winning the Meiluo Cup last year (another major Chinese amateur tournament). He missed representing China last year at the WAGC due to a mangerial error, but, since he surprisingly failed to pass the Chinese pro exams in July last year (where 20 players out of 400 participants turned pro), he got the chance to represent China this year.

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