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May 22nd, 2006

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David Richfield wins 2nd Quarter Stb Handi

Congratulations to David Richfield who became the first person to win two Stellenbosch Handicap Tournaments by beating Ben Bredenkamp last Thursday, despite the odds stacked against him. It was an upset win by 2 stones (due to Ben’s recent promotions), and broke Ben’s winning streak of 14 games in succession.

This was the first Stellenbosch handicap tournament that had more than 50% of games won by white, and convincingly so: so far, six games were won by white, and only two by black. One game has not yet been played. Full results will be posted as soon as they are available.

Posted by Hugo in Stellenbosch, Tournaments

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One Response to “David Richfield wins 2nd Quarter Stb Handi”

  1. bbred says:

    Ek dink my reeks van 14 oorwinnings kan ek toeskryf aan meer slaap. Uit ‘n sameloop van omstandighede het ek baie meer tyd in my bed die afgelope tyd deurgebring.

    David lees beter as ek en hy het baie goed die game so opgestel dat daai sterkpunt juis die game in sy guns geswaai het.

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