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May 8th, 2006

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Want to buy a Go clock?

David Richfield is co-ordinating a mass-order of chess clocks for Go players and clubs throughout South Africa, on behalf of SAGA. If you want to order a clock, check out and place your order on the Clocks page on the SAGoClubs Wiki.

Note that you need to register on the Wiki in order to edit the page and add your order there. If that’s too much effort, leave a comment on this post, and David will add you to the order list.

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5 Responses to “Want to buy a Go clock?”

  1. Andre says:

    You can’t edit, or even see the clocks page unless you’re registered on the Wiki. Perhaps it would be better to write a page on the main site, I’m not sure many people use the wiki at all.

  2. Steve says:

    You should be able to view the page without being registered or logged in – I can. Anyone else having this trouble?

    The restriction on editing is to keep out spam-bots.

    The wiki is good for these kinds of pages, where a number of people may want to edit the page. This won’t be the last time where we’ll have a group doing something like this, I hope, so we may as well get people registered, and using the wiki now. Or that’s how I see it.

    In general, if you’re not up to registering for the wiki, leave a comment, like I said 😉

  3. Andre says:

    Well I tried to look at the clock page without being logged into the wiki (i.e. without a cookie auto-logging me in) and I wasn’t allowed to see the page. It worked fine if once the wiki recognized me though – hence why I think you need to be registered to see the thread.

    I’ll spread the word about the clocks at the joburg club tomorrow, word of mouth etc.

  4. Steve says:

    I also tried without being logged in, and could see it. Anyone else that can report on their experience?

    thanks re: spreading the word.

  5. Chris says:

    I can view it fine using a different browser where I have no login or cookie

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