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May 4th, 2006

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Soweto Open Results

Congratulations to Aketa Katsuyuki who concluded his visit to South Africa with a perfect score of 3/3 to win the Soweto Open. Second to fourth places (on SOS tiebreak) went to Ben Gale, Welile Gogotshe and Sipho Mamphe respectively, all of whom scored two wins. Full results for the top group of 8 players were as follows:


1 Aketa K 3 31 89 269
2 Ben Gale 2 30 90 252
3 Welile Gogotshe 2 30 89 252
4 Sipho Mampe 2 30 81 268
5 Julius Paulu 1 29 90 251
6 Tristen Taylor 1 29 82 267
7 Paul Edwards 1 29 81 267
8 Thabiso Lemeke 0 22 88 244

Steve Kroon adds:
This tournament also provided a number of rank changes, the most notable being Sipho Mampe’s promotion to 1-kyu. Other promotions will be included in the next rank change update.

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