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April 7th, 2006

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SAGA news

Some announcements following Tuesday night’s SAGA council meeting:

1) We welcome Andre Connell to the SAGA council. Andre has been co-opted
to fill the vacancy left by Victor Chow’s resignation, and will be
taking on responsibility for SAGA tournaments.

2) WAGC points: the previously announced change to the placement points
awarded for the internet championship has been confirmed: players may
earn points for up to two of the quarterly events per year, with the
number of points awarded for first place in any of the events being
500. In addition, SOS tiebreaks will not be used for future editions of
this event; instead, placing points for tied results will be

3) 2003 WAGC Points complaint: We have received a complaint from Victor
Chow wherein he claimed that he was unfairly denied the
opportunity to participate in the 2003 SA Contenders due to poor
organisation, and hence is owed WAGC participation points by SAGA.
He also claimed that he is owed participation points by SAGA for
2004, when he declined to play in the SA Championship out of
protest against the 2003 events. After reviewing the available
facts and debating at length, we reached the following decisions:

3a) The effort taken to ensure that all participants knew of the
rescheduling of the 2003 SA Contenders was not sufficient. In particular,
it would have been reasonable to expect the organisers to confirm receipt
of notification with all participants, with one phone call to each
participant who has not confirmed receipt of notification being the
minimum required. Hence we agree that Victor was unfairly denied the
opportunity to participate in the 2003 SA Contenders.

3b) As of now it is SAGA policy that, should the schedule of a SAGA
tournament be changed at any time after the initial announcement, an
announcement of the change should be made on both the SAGA mailing list
and the website, along with a request that all registered or qualified
players confirm receipt of the announcement. It is then required of the
organisers to contact, telephonically or in person, any player who fails
to confirm receipt of the announcement. Making one telephone call and
leaving a message if possible will be considered sufficient. A player
loses the right to receive a telephone call if he/she has not provided
either the tournament organisers or the SAGA membership secretary with
telephonic contact details.

3b) Victor’s decision not to participate in 2004 had nothing to do with
SAGA; he was not denied the opportunity to participate in 2004.

3c) Awarding WAGC points to a player for an event he/she did not
participate in is out of the question.

3d) In order to address the situation, and to compensate Victor for the
loss of the opportunity to earn placement points in 2003, the annual
depreciation on Victor’s WAGC point account for 2003 will be removed, as
per his suggestion. Subsequent depreciation on his account will be
recalculated accordingly. The change will be reflected in his points total
at the end of 2006.

3e) Having taken into account the available facts and debated the matter
at length, we believe we have addressed it formally, completely and with
proper procedure. We now consider the matter closed and will not reopen
it, excepting a possible appeal at the AGM. Furthermore, although it is
not in our power to make decisions that are binding for future councils,
we strongly urge any future council to refrain from reopening any
complaints that have already been considered and decided on by a past

4) SA Open / African Oza: We have received suggestions on the format of
this event from Steve Kroon, who has started a discussion page at:

The council has decided that future editions of this event should be
held as a single McMahon tournament with all international players
entered above the bar. Further suggestions will be treated as
non-binding recommendations to future organisers. All members are
invited to contribute to the discussion via the above webpage.

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