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March 13th, 2006

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Final Round of Stellenbosch First Quarter Handicap

The draw for the final round of the Stellenbosch First Quarter Handicap tournament is available.

There are four potential tournament winners, with the under-rated ones being Andre Heydenrych (+5) and Louis de Jager (+2) who won the 3rd Quarter tournament last year. Andre and Louis will be playing one another, while David Richfield and Heinz Staschen will be fighting over the second claim on the prize money of R65. The choice between these two claims will come down to SOS and SOSOS. While David and Andre have a slight lead in SOSOS, it will all depend on the results from the third round games. Louis may be at a slight disadvantage on SOS as he had a bye in the first round, while Andre’s first round opponent has a bye in the third round, giving him an immediate +1 on his SOS. In the second round, David (6k) achieved an “upset win” against Hugo van der Merwe (8k) according to current ranks, by defeating him in a 3H game. (Two of the other second round games were won by forfeit, unfortunately.)

The third round has 4 games with >=9H, which makes for 4/18 = 22% of the games, thus 78% at <9H. While this may sound tough, it should be considered that the participants are thoroughly spread all over the 4k-30k range. Last year’s first quarter handicap tournament was still a MacMahon tournament, also with 13 entries, 18 games, 4 at >=9H, however, entrants only ranged from 5k to 21k. Last year had a total of 116 “virtual handicap stones” given, while this year, with the much greater entrant rank range, had only 86 stones given, definately a huge improvement.

It is interesting to note the same number of players in the first quarter handicap tournament as a year ago. Lets try and improve on the other quarters’ participation levels (10 in second and third quarters, only 6 in the fourth quarter). The club is definately growing, this should be easily achievable! (You may already mail me your entries for the second quarter handicap tournament!)

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