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March 9th, 2006

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SA Internet Championships: reminder and slight rule changes

This is a reminder for the South African internet go championship, first
quarter 2006, to be held on the 18th of March. The closing date for
entries is Wednesday, 15 of March, which is less than a week from now.

The South African internet championships are a new but important event on
our annual calendar, and form part of the system by which the South
African representative for the annual World Amateur Go Championship is
selected. See for more

So far, only 13 players have entered: Konrad Scheffler, Florian Breuer,
Pablo Casado, Tristen Taylor, Steve Kroon, Rory Beling, Andre Connell,
Leander Gaum, Chris Visser, Lloyd Rubidge, Andrew Davies, Victor Chow
and Chris Welsh. If you would like to play but are not on this list,
please email me with your entry as soon as possible. If you are a club
representative, please communicate this information to your members.

The tournament committee for this event will be announced shortly.

Finally, following some feedback from players, I’d like to announce a few
minor rule changes/additions. Most notably a change in time limits.

1. Players who do not meet the criteria to represent South Africa at the
WAGC (e.g. South African citizenship) may nevertheless earn WAGC
points, which they would be able to use if or when they meet the
criteria at some point in the future.

2. Time limits will be 45 minutes initial time plus Canadian byo yomi of
10 minutes per 25 stones (and not 60 minutes plus 5 minutes per 15
stones as originally announced). The relatively large amount of byo
yomi time is intended as a safegaurd against potential network
connectivity problems, which players are advised to bear in mind.

3. Should circumstances arise that make it impossible for a substantial
number of participants to play (for example regional power cuts), the
tournament director may opt to reschedule the event or part thereof at
short notice, possibly after the event has started.

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One Response to “SA Internet Championships: reminder and slight rule changes”

  1. konrad says:

    The tournament committee has now been finalised and will consist of Konrad Scheffler (tournament director), Steve Kroon and Andre Connell. Thanks to Steve and Andre for volunteering to help out.

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