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March 1st, 2006

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African Oza and SA Open cause rank changes galore

Let’s see.

Michael Frylinck arrived at the tournament, said he was a 25 kyu on KGS and we added him there, but by the end of the tournament, he was a 21 kyu. Andre Heydenrych rose from 27k to 24k, and 3 other players got double promotions: Wim Conradie to 22k, Louis de Jager to 17k, and Chris Welsh to 9 kyu.

Pablo Casado joined Chris as South Africa’s newest single-digit kyu’s, while James Gelant and Christina Auret edged closer to the same goal with promotions to 11 kyu.

A large number of upsets above and near the bar in the SA Open also yielded promotions. Most notable were Bernard Broens’ and Andre Connell’s promotions to 2 kyu. Steve Kroon was also promoted to 3 kyu, while Morocco’s Fouad Tehhani had a great tournament, earning him a promotion to 4 kyu. Manitra Razafindrabe of Madagascar was not so lucky, though – his tournament performance resulted in his demotion to 1 kyu.

Other rank changes at the tournament were Sakkie Buys’s promotion to 7 kyu, Hugo van der Merwe’s demotion and subsequent re-promotion to leave him at 8 kyu, Ben Bredenkamp’s demotion to 16 kyu, and Steven Dawson’s promotion to 22 kyu.

Finally, last night’s games also yielded a promotion: Rory Beling is now a 6 kyu.

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