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February 24th, 2006

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Updates on the ranking system

With the African Oza and South African Open coming up this weekend, we’ve added some of the new players to the rating system: Manitra Razafindrabe (Madagascar) has been added to the system as a 1-dan, Fouad Tehhani (Morocco) has been added as a 5-kyu, and Traore Mory has been added as a 8-kyu. Aketa-sensei has also been added as a 6-dan, and Aki Zhou, Victor Chow’s fiancee, has been added as a 5-dan. Koos van Zyl, a new member of the Stellenbosch Go Club, has also been added to the system as a 30-kyu.

The Stellenbosch Club also welcomes another new member, Paul Harper.

There have been some promotions due to games this past week. Congratulations to (new ranks in brackets): Andre Heydenrych (27k), Serdyn du Toit (20k), John-Paul Harper (18k), Hanno Botha (15k), Adrian Thom (15k), and Hugo van der Merwe (8k).

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