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February 3rd, 2006

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Rui Naiwei retains female Myeongin; Ryu and Hane reach 600 wins

I regret that this will be the last month I will be writing pro news on this website, due to pressure to make more significant progress in my studies. After the last pro news update, I will provide a short summary of my sources, indicating where you can go, if you wish to find the latest information (all the links I use are in the link collection on this web-pages sidebar).

As for the pro news, the international attention will be on the first Kangwon-Land Cup which kicks off next week. Following the format of the original China-Japan Supergo series, this is a team tournament between China and Korea featuring 6-player teams. Each team sends in one player to compete in the first round. The country whose representative loses sends in another to do battle, and so it continues until all the players from one team have been eliminated. The first stage, consisting of 5 games, will be held in Seoul, South Korea, between the 6th and the 10th of February, while the second stage will be held in Hangzhou, China, in late March.


Last week I reported on Takao Shinji being the 40th Japanese player to achieve 600 professional wins. Ryu Shikun (9p) became the 42nd Japanese player to achieve this milestone last week, with a winning percentage of 66.7%. Later last week, Hane Naoki also reached 600 wins – his winning percentage 70.5%.

Hane was, however, overcome by Yamashita Keigo in the second game of the Kisei title match held this week. Yamashita, taking White, took victory by 6.5 points. This means that Yamashita leads the best-of-7 final 2-0. The next game begins on Wednesday.

The first game of the best-of-3 Female Kisei title match was held last Saturday in Kanagawa, but the result will only be released when the game is broadcast this Wednesday. The title-holder Chinen Kaori is facing challenger Mannami Kana (3p).

The first game of the best-of-3 Female Meijin title match between Koyama Terumi and challenger Aoki Kikuyo (8p) takes place next Thursday, also in Kanagawa.

In yesterday’s Honinbo league game, Cho Sonjin beat Yamada Kimio. This will make Cho U breathe a little easier, since Yamada Kimio was breathing down his neck in the Honinbo League (along with Yoda Norimoto).

In the Gosei challenger decision tournament, Kobayashi Koichi was eliminated last week, suffering defeat at the hands of Kiyonari Tetsuya (9p). Yesterday, O Rissei was defeated by Honorary Gosei titleholder, Otake Hideo, and Cho U advanced to the 3rd round as well (beating Ko Mosei). Meanwhile, in the Tengen challenger decision tournament Hane Naoki Kisei beat Cho Chikun Judan (B+5.5) in their second round match last Thursday. Yesterday, in a first round match, Takao Shinji Honinbo eliminated 9-dan Yuki Satoshi. In the final of a preliminary pool of the 54th Oza, Kono Rin Tengen was eliminated from the tournament by Sonoda Yuichi (9p).

Finally, in the NHK Cup, the last quarter-finalist was revealed on Sunday, when Han Zenki (7p)’s defeat at the hands of Hane Naoki Kisei was televised.


Rui Naiwei (9p) retained her Female Myeongin title by beating 6-dan Cho Hyeyeon 2-1 in the title match. Rui has won the title 5 of it’s seven terms. Taking Black, Rui won the last game by resignation.

In the second game of the best-of-5 Kuksu title match, Ch’oe Ch’eol-han recovered from his first-game loss, forcing Yi Ch’ang-ho to resign.

An Cho-yeong (9p) struck back against Song T’ae-kon in the 17th Kisung challenger decision match to level the score in the best-of-3 match at 1-1. The winner of the next game will challenge Pak Yeong-hun for his title.

The prelims for the 12 open berths in the final stage of the 11th Ch’eon-weon started last week. Each prelim section consists of 4 players, and most of the semi-finals were played last Wednesday. The final in each section will be held on Monday. Notable results: Lee Yeong-ku (4p) beat Kim Il-whan (9p); Mok Jinseok (9p) beat An Tal-hun (6p).


The focus on the Chinese pro Go front this week will be the Xinren Wang, the Chinese equivalent of the Shinjin O (King of the New Stars) tournament. The three rounds to select the two finalists for the best-of-3 final will be held on Sonday, Monday and Tuesday.


In the prelim tournament to select the Taiwanese representative for the CSK Cup, Lin Zhihan (7p) beat Yang Zhude (5p). Lin will face Zhou Junxun (9p) on Tuesday, to determine who will face Chen Shien in the final.

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  1. Steve says:

    Correction – it was Hane Naoki also breathing down Cho U’s neck in the Honinbo League, not Yoda Norimoto.

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