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January 18th, 2006

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SAGA Council meeting summary

Dear all,

Below is a summary of some matters that were finalised at yesterday’s
council meeting which may be of broad interest:

1. Mailing list:

Reading access to the SAGAcouncil mailing list will be made available to
the public, to increase transparency and allow members to follow council
discussions. Any interested members, and especially those active in club
administration, are invited to subscribe. David Richfield will post the
required details when this has been implemented.

2. WAGC points:

The WAGC points system has been changed, with the main difference being
that 1000 placement points are to be awarded to the new South African
internet championships, with participation points being reduced from 2000
to 1000. The rules and format for the internet tournaments and details
of changes to the points system, will be announced in separate posts.

3. Tournament schedule:

SAGA will organise a pair go championship in 2006, with date and details
to be determined (contact Victor Chow for enquiries and/or suggestions).
The dates for all other SAGA events for 2006 have been finalised. The full
go calendar for 2006 (including the main non-SAGA events) is as follows:

Johannesburg Open: 11-12 Feb (to be confirmed)
SA Open/African Oza: 24-26 Feb
First Quarter SA Internet Championship: 18 March
Cape Town Open: 1 or 2 April
Pretoria Open? (previously held in mid-May)
Second Quarter SA Internet Championship: 24 Jun
Candidates: 22-23 July; back-up dates: 29-30 July
WCape/Gauteng team match: to be confirmed; 1 Aug has been proposed
Stellenbosch Open: 12 Aug
Third Quarter SA Internet Championship: 2 Sep
Contenders: 23-25 Sep
WC Closed league: 14-15 October
Fourth Quarter SA Internet Championship: 25 Nov

The forthcoming Johannesburg and Cape Town Opens will, along with the
2005 Stellenbosch Open, be qualifiers for the South African Championships
(Candidates and Contenders tournaments). We would like to remind all
all other clubs that they are invited to host open championships before
the end of May, which would also be qualifiers (see for requirements).


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