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January 17th, 2006

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Joburg Open early next month?

Ben Gale writes:

We would like to reschedule the JHB Open, which was due to
be held in April. The new dates for this tournament will be
11/12 February. If anyone has a problem with this, please
let me know soon. I want this finalised by the end of the
week. The reason for the shift is explained below:

We need to have a qualifying tournament in order to award
tickets for the Toyota-Denso cup. Therefore we want to move
the Jhb Open to a date before the Toyota-Denso, so that we
can use it as a qualifier.

The ticket story: We have 3 tickets available to Gauteng.
One of these goes to Victor, and the rest of us battle it
out for the other 2. We will award these tickets in the
following way: One will go to first (non-Victor) place in
the tournament. The other will be awarded by lucky draw
with the pre-requisite that the winner must have
contributed to go in this province, by playing at a club,
etc. More details later.

So if this is a problem please let me know soon.

You can contact Ben by e-mail, or phone him on (011) 486 3274 or (084) 800 0310.

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