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January 10th, 2006

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What’s up in SA Go

Well, Joburg club kicks off again tonight at its regular venue, Bettie’s Tearoom.

Also, Cape Town and Joburg have finalised dates for their major tournaments. The Cape Town Open and the Joburg Open will both be held on 1-2 April this year.

It seems Stellenbosch and Cape Town carried on meeting through the festive period, and Aketa-sensei made all the meetings except last Tuesday’s visit to the Cape Town club. Besides that, we have (had?) a 5-dan visitor from Japan, who popped by Aketa-sensei’s place, and probably played some other folks beside – I know Jaco Swanepoel got a game against him. It seems Andrew Davies hosted Aketa-sensei for Christmas and New Years – many thanks to him.

Tonight, David Richfield is taking Aketa-sensei and anyone else at his flat at 18h00 to the Cape Town Club.

It’s not clear if the Cape Town club has accomodation for Aketa-sensei yet, while Tristen Taylor has returned to Joburg and is steering the campaign for organising Aketa-sensei’s stay there from March to May. If you want to get involved with organising that, or feel you can donate money to help cover Aketa-sensei’s accomodation and transport in Gauteng, please e-mail Tristen or phone him on 084 250 2434.

David Richfield says he has enough order to print Go T-shirts, but you may have a long wait if you miss the first run, so don’t miss your chance. Send your orders to him by e-mail (indicate colour and size), or phone (082 921 1817).

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4 Responses to “What’s up in SA Go”

  1. tristen says:

    Welcome back, Steve.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Tristen. Welcome back to you as well. How was the broad… er, perhaps I should say, abroad?

  3. konrad says:

    Maybe I’m being pedantic here: both the Cape Town Open and Joburg Open are 1 day events (or have been in the past at least), and will be held on either 1 or 2 April; which day has not been announced yet. So you won’t need to keep both days open.

  4. tristen says:

    Abroad was fine, I’ve blogged about my go experiences , as I’m sure you know.

    Konrad, Ben and Willem are working on finalising the JHB Open and venue details. So, we’re not 100% sure.

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