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December 19th, 2005

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Update on Aketa-sensei’s visit

Anyone interested in playing Aketa-sensei in Stellenbosch, including
visitors from Gauteng are welcome to do so after arranging to meet him
telephonically. He will be here until the end of January, when he will move to Cape Town.

His number is 076 600 5445. He has indicated he would like a day off each
week, and we have agreed on Mondays. Any other day is fine, although:
(a) Tuesday nights he’s at the Cape Town Club,
(b) Thursday nights he’s at the Stellenbosch Club, and
(a) working folk can only visit on the weekend, so perhaps weekdays are
better for folks on holiday.

Aketa-sensei has been here for 2 weeks so far, and everything seems to be
going well.

Thanks to Chris Visser for kindly providing Aketa-sensei with a cell-phone
for his stay, and Andrew Davies, who has kindly offered to host him for

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