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December 7th, 2005

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Aketa update and contact details

Hi all,

Aketa-sensei arrived in Cape Town yesterday. I picked him up from the
airport and took him to Stellenbosch, where we were joined by Steve,
Florian and Andre. We spent most of the afternoon helping him settle in
his flat, showing him where to find shops and an internet cafe, making
sure he has airtime on his phone (given to him by Chris Visser – thanks!),
etc. In the evening he was brought through to the Cape Town club meeting
by Florian. I’d like to thank all involved in making this visit possible,
especially Steve and Jaco for arranging his accommodation in Stellenbosch,
which he is very pleased with.

Aketa will be staying in Stellenbosch until the end of January, during
which time players are invited to visit him in his flat and/or take him
on outings to play go. Visits can be arranged by contacting him on his
mobile phone at 076 600 5445.

Directions to his flat are as follows:

The house is #5 Piet Retief Street. If you are following Bird Street into
Stellenbosch, it reaches an end at Dorp Street. Turn right at the
mini-circle and immediately left at the next mini-circle: you are now in
Piet Retief Street. Continuing along this road, you pass Helderberg
residence on your right, pass over a bridge, go past Paul Roos on your
left and a Spar on your right. Continue over a speedbump with a robot.
There’s an open field on the right of the road shortly after that. #5 is
the last house on the right before the open field. The main entrance is
around the corner, so one should turn right before passing the open field
(after turning right there is parking on your left on the open field).

The buzzer to Aketa’s flat (did not work yesterday but will hopefully be
fixed soon) is at the main entrance. To enter, however, you need to walk
around to the side entrance back in Piet Retief Street where Aketa will
let you in.

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