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November 29th, 2005

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What’s up in SA Go?

Alright, the website’s been quiet the last few days, as well as down for some time. This sorry state of affairs is mainly due to the unexpected power cuts last week in the Western Cape. An effect of the power cut was that the computer our website runs off was shut down, and when it restarted, the database our website relies on was not restarted.

In addition, no power on Friday, as well as my computer’s networking being messed up substantially on Monday, are the reasons there has been no Pro News yet. Hopefully I can issue an update sometime this afternoon.

So, what’s happening in SA Go at the moment. Well, tonight is the Cape Town Blitz Tournament, with 9 entrants so far, and place for 2 more. The big limiting factor here is clocks – they just don’t have enough. Already, a palm pilot is being employed to allow them to break the 10 participant mark. They currently have 9 entrants, but if you want to pop by, you can still enter. For more details, see the tournament page.

In Joburg, the debate on the details of their new Articles of Operation are not yet finished. However, in the meantime, the club has appointed new management, to handle the administration now that Tristen has headed overseas to the United States, and Dale is planning to leave the club for some time. The new management is in the form of Ben Gale (Information Officer, who is the general admin and contact person) and Willem Joubert (Asset Secretary, who handles the finances, equipment etc. of the club).

The Pretoria Go mailing list has gone down for the next few months, but will hopefully be re-instated in time.

SAGA have also received the long-awaited shipment of Go books for beginners which have been floating back and forth over the ocean as the South African and Japanese postal services struggle to understand each other. Which means that another order of Go books is going to be placed. And Sakkie, who will be placing the order, needs our help: he needs to know what books he should get. If you want to order specific books through him, you can probably do that, but he is mainly interested in recommendations of good books for purchasing stock for SAGA. So, if you have any suggestions, please e-mail Sakkie.

Finally, Aketa-sensei’s visit is coming closer. His accomodation in Stellenbosch has been arranged, but his Cape Town and Joburg accomodation is still being investigated. His flight into South Africa lands in Joburg on Sunday morning, and many thanks to Templar Wales and Ben Gale, who have volunteered to handle Aketa-sensei’s transport from and to the airport. He may still need transport to the JICA (Japanese International Co-operation Agency) offices in Pretoria, and definitely needs accomodation for 2-3 days in the Joburg area, starting from the Sunday morning he arrives. If you can potentially help with these issues, please contact Konrad Scheffler by e-mailing him or phone him at (072) 157 9600.

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  1. Steve says:

    Update: Sakkie Buys will be handling the trip to JICA for Aketa-sensei, so all that is required now is accomodation for 2-3 days.

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