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November 24th, 2005

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Julius set for next year’s WAGC

Reinhardt Messerschmidt sent the following mail to the SAGA mailing list last night:

My fellow go players

The attached update on the WAGC points race reveals that Julius Paulu has an
unassailable lead, and will therefore be South Africa’s representative in
Japan next year. Congratulations!

The file wagcpoints.csv contains a list of all players on the points system,
sorted by their current accumulated balances.

Remarks/reminders on how the calculations were done:

1) Due to the (infamous) clause:

” … 3.1.3 Ordinary Members forfeit their membership … by being twelve
months in arrears with membership fees … ”

that was in our constitution till 10 September, players who last paid fees
in 2004 were recognised as members for 2005.

2) Annual depreciation: At the start of each year, each player’s accumulated
points balance is reduced by 20%.

3) Representative’s depreciation: The WAGC representative for the year has
his/her accumulated points balance reduced by:

1000(n+2) – 1000(T-P)/(T-1)


n: number of times representing South Africa (including this year)
T: number of participants
P: final placing

Ben Gale represented South Africa for a 2nd time in 2005. He finished 30th
out of 65 participants, therefore 3453 points were deducted from his
accumulated balance.

4) Membership points: All members for the year receive 100 points.

5) Placement points: The 16 participants in the SA Championship receive
varying amounts of points according to their final placing:

1st 1900, 2nd 1600, 3rd 1300, 4th 1100, 5th 900, 6th 700, 7th 600, 8th 500,
9th 400, 10th 300, 11th 200, 12th 150, 13th to 16th 100

Members who did not qualify for the SA Championship but participated in at
least one of the qualifying tournaments (2004 Western Cape Open, 2005 Cape
Town Open, 2005 Johannesburg Open) or the 2005 SA Open, receive 50 points.

6) Participation points: Members receive the following points for games
submitted to the ranking system:

10 points for each internet game against another member
20 points for each club game (irrespective of the opponent’s membership
40 points for each tournament game (irrespective of the opponent’s
membership status)

A maximum of 400 participation points can be earned against a particular
opponent, and a maximum of 2 000 participations points can be earned in

Games that have been logged on the SAGC system by 11 November were taken
into account with this update; they are listed in games.csv. contains SAGC-style recordsheets showing an exposition of
participation points for each player.

Please check your details and notify me of any errors.


Attached to the mail were 2 zip files: and

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